Here are some helpful FAQ’s from a professional Gold Coast electrician

What causes a power surge?

How can I protect my property from power surge damage?

A sudden increase in power within an electrical supply can cause damage or even destroy things like, electronic equipment and appliances. Power surges can be caused naturally from lighting strikes, faulty wiring, and downed power lines. They can also be caused by infrequent use of high powered electrical appliances or machines.

The best defence is to unplug anything from your power outlet that is not in use. You should also consider getting an electrician in to install guards against surges. We can install quality surge protectors or surge arrestors that will protect your property from surge damage.

My power keeps tripping out, what should I do?

Unplug all your major appliances such as your air conditioner, dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, and dish washer. Next, reset your trip switch and plug in and turn on each appliance one at a time to find which one (if any) has caused the trip. If you are unable to reset your trip switch call us and we’ll come out and investigate.

The switchboard on my property is old, do I need to replace it?

It’s best to have an old switchboard checked over by a qualified electrician. We’ll come out and perform a free assessment for you to let you know if you need an upgrade.

What is the current fire alarm legislation for commercial properties on the Gold Coast?

Like many laws, legislation concerning fire alarms and exit lighting can sometimes change. Legislation is being updated in 2017, please contact us for details.

Not only is doing your own electrical repairs or work illegal, unless you are a qualified and licenced electrician, not knowing what you’re doing can be dangerous. Don’t take a risk when you can simply pick up the phone and call a professional. We’ll be happy to help you out no matter how small or how big your electrical job is. Our free quotes mean that you don’t end up with any unpleasant surprises when it comes to price.

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